Happy Mother’s Day!

I miss my mom. This is our third Mother’s Day without her.

I’m at that age when the parents of so many friends and family are no longer with us. In fact, Baby Boomers are losing parents at the rate of over 5,000 per day. That’s a lot of Moms and Dads, a lot of sad daughters and sons. But we are resilient. We have our times, but we live through them. And we are thankful to remember…

My friend Carla’s mom died at the age of 40, 48 years ago.”Tootie” loved to laugh. Carla remembers a time when friends had TP’d their home. She knew she’d be in trouble (it had been a reciprocal response, after all), but when she went outside to help with the cleanup, there was her mom, laughing. “She was such a joyful person and really did love to laugh,” remembers Carla. “She was involved in a lot of activities we took part in as kids. They all liked her. Actually, everyone loved Mom!”

Carla recalls her mom always stressed the importance of education, realizing she could not have supported all her children with only her high school education.

“Get an education! You need an education!”

As with many families, life was complicated. Her mom shared a strong demeanor during difficult times. Carla reflects that her mom loved her children so much that she used every last ounce of energy to support them…as Carla does today. I know her mom would be proud of her.

Mary Ann remembers her mom was a seamstress who, among her many other talents, made beautiful ruffled curtains for people. She adds that her mom, who died 27 years ago, was a wonderful cook. And more.

“She was always there for us as children,” reflects Mary Ann, “and always there for our children.”

“She helped other people, and was so generous of her time!” Those are traits of Mary Ann, as well. I know her mom would be proud of her.

Barb’s mom died three years ago, after living 12 years with dementia.

“I am who I am because of her,” says Barb, without hesitation. “My mother was a very, very bright woman, who taught us to be independent.”

“She was housebound after having children, and supported her family as a housewife. While she completed but two years of high school, our family managed to pay for college for each of us kids. Mom stressed being prepared for whatever life may hold.”

Barb, as an accomplished educator, has coached and supported many. I know her mom would be proud of her.

My friend Linda’s mom died just last year. I remember meeting her while visiting during college. She was a most gracious woman. Linda, equally gracious, continues to navigate the health care and other needs of her family, which many of us know to be impassioned responsibilities. I know her mom would be proud of her.

We want to know your mom! Share something about your mom (in the comment section) as we celebrate her special day!

Oh, and here’s a link to a blog post about my mom: www.alwaysaboomer.com/2018/05/07/mom-sears-and-channel-8-at-5/

Happy Mother’s Day!




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