Director of Public Relations and Development, Franciscan Sisters of Mary.

Developed and coordinated all external communication strategies and materials, and fundraising. FSM Magazine, distributed semiannually and mailed internationally, focused on the mission, work and lives of the Congregation.

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Resource Development Director, Beverly Farm Foundation.

Developed and coordinated communication and development activities and correspondence;
contact for nationwide audience of family members, friends and supporters.

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BASH postcard

Newsletter ad

BASH letter to friends and families

Families letter

National Communications Manager, The Oasis Institute.

Developed and coordinated marketing strategies and materials for nationwide programming for older adults;
use of templates, stories and news releases supported the changing needs of individual locations.

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Eugene Info Card

Pittsburgh High Impact Half Page Ads

Albany OASIS

Healthy in Escondido

Harriet Klossen and Maria

Sisters’ (FSM) messaging campaign was broadcast on classical music radio station.

Topic identification, writing, and Sister participation key to integration with overall marketing strategies.

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How do you offer courage, hope and confidence to people in your life?

Domestic Violence: Listen to Them, Help Them

The FSM stand together in opposition to the death penalty!