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This morning I came across an article by The Motley Fool, the business that offers investment advice. The title read: The 1 Retirement Danger No One Warns You About.

Coming from The Motley Fool, especially the friendly guys with the funny hats, I wagered they would talk about saving enough money for retirement. And that’s a good topic, as many of us haven’t saved enough.

Instead, it focused on another valuable resource…our time. Retirees are 40% more likely than workers to suffer from clinical depression, and the reason boils down to feeling isolated, restless, and unfulfilled in the absence of a job.

The Motley Fool suggests that in addition to our financial planning, we’ll want to figure out how we’ll spend our days, and whether we have the income to spend them as we want. We may dream of frequent travel, but our finances could limit our globe-trotting aspirations.

There are lots of lower cost entertainment and educational opportunities for us to research and consider, maybe even to fill in the time between adventures. In fact, The Motley Fool adds that adults 65 and over are actually more likely to be self-employed than any other age group. Hmmm…..

So, no matter how prepared we think we are for retirement, let’s go in with a plan.

How do you spend your time since you’ve left the 9 to 5?

Share some thoughts (below) with your boomer friends!

You’ll invest in their retirement!


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