Mom said “it’s all up here”

These days I hear people talk about staying in their pajamas all day. How does one read/write/cook/walk around/change the cat box/feed the dog/do the laundry/pick up the Amazon order from the front doorstep/vacuum/interact with other people/or whatever, while wearing pajamas all day?

Even during this time of social/physical distancing, I say be ready for the day via the whole nine yards: shower, makeup, hair, clothes, accessories. To some people, I’m sure it seems over the top. For me, it’s just another day. Even if I’m not feeling well, I may do a relaxed version of myself, but I’ll still do my best to look like I feel ok. You’ve heard the phrase “it’s all in the mind” – my mom would tap her index finder to her forehead and say “it’s all up here” – same thing.

Last week I took part in six video conversations. Even if I weren’t obsessive about personal care…I had to, after all, look good for what resembled a round of Hollywood Squares!

Over the years I’ve collected an array of makeup and personal care items that just didn’t work for me after I’d brought them home. Of course, I thought they would when I purchased them. But they didn’t. Too light. Too dark. Too much conditioner. Too soapy. Just wrong. You get it.

As I’d already sampled, I could not return. My collection of misfit items began to mature.

But now, my collection has increased in value. You see, right now I choose to not use most of the personal care items I used regularly before our lives changed. I’m concerned, I may not be able to replace them for awhile.

But I do have “replacements”…

Haven’t we all been through a slew of eye makeup over the years? And has it all been flattering? No, but I kept several, just because you never know. Good thing, too, because I was ahead of the game for my video meetups and driveway to driveway happy hours! No one stared or commented, so I must have passed inspection. Or no one cared!

Like you, I tried a variety of makeup throughout the seasons, over the years. I found in my collection, such options as all day at the beach to winter snow. You can imagine the seasonal decision-making. These days I am sporting a Sunkist look. Lucky me! On any given day I can come out as myself. Or someone else.

It’s not unusual for two or three lipsticks to be used at the same time. Sure, my collection includes such untimely options as come talk to me and sparkling wine, but also more recent picks, such as almost natural. (I chose to not consider the tube of 1984, a topic for another conversation).

So, you know how you buy new products with stars in your eyes, knowing you will look as good as you did when your stylist did her thing? I’ve got a basketful! And I’m using them up like kids grabbing candy on Halloween. Like I said, I can come out as myself, or somebody else…

No pajamas past shower or breakfast for me. Limited wearing of sweats. Leggings are ok with a nice top. Covid-19 casual chic. To be honest, there has been a time or two I wore the same outfit for a second day, but I added a scarf. I looked like I did the day before. But with a twist.

Let’s wrap up with accessories. Yes, I have a lot. I’ll bet you do too. But my daily go to are earrings. Always. I cannot explain it. Kind of like a cherry on a sundae, I guess.

Remember, Mom said, while tapping her forehead, “it’s all up here.” And maybe that is a good thing for us to keep in mind for each day of our social/physical distancing!

How do you get ready for each day?

Take care of yourself these days. Accomplish what you need or want to. Keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Look for opportunities to laugh, love, and learn, while staying home.

And friends, please stay healthy!

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